JavaScripts for charts used at WikiFigures


To create all the charts we use a great JavaScript library named Raphaël here at WikiFigures. This is a small JavaScript library that simplifies any work with vector graphics on the web. And there is a sister of this library named gRaphaël - it helps to create many different types of charts. gRaphaël is based on Raphaël graphics library. Take a look below, where you can see links to web pages of both these libraries. There you can check out some demos, read documentation and download the libraries. The Raphaël and gRaphaël libraries currently support most web browsers.

To export the charts from gRaphaël - to allow you to insert them to your web pages - we use Raphael.Export library. It is a great piece of code which exports Raphaël paper objects to SVG - and also works in browsers that don't support SVG. As we needed a little bit different exports than Raphael.Export library offers, we did some minor changes to it. You may download the original library or the changed one from the links below.

The licences to all the libraries allow their almost unrestricted use. Just take a look at their pages or in their documentation. The changed Raphael.Export library is available under the same terms as the original one.

And here are the links:

Raphaël—JavaScript Library

gRaphaël—JavaScript Library


Raphael.Export 2 - WikiFigures


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