Data sources used at WikiFigures


WikiFigures project uses many data sources as a basis for the charts. Some of the sources are the web sites of governments and other public institutions, some data are from analysts and commercial subjects which published these data and allowed their public use. If you create your own chart at WikiFigures, please mention your data source. It is fair to the source and it allows the other users to check accuracy of the data.

The main data sources are mentioned at every chart, but sometimes the data may be accompanied or refined using data from other sources as well. Typical examples are the data about countries, where the primary sources may be the World Bank or Wikipedia, but the data may be completed by data from governments of the countries.

Here are the most often used sources of data:

The World Bank


U.S. Department of the treasury

U.S. government

CIA: The World Factbook

International Monetary Fund (IMF)




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